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 Cow suckilng calf

Calf being suckled

The arrival of a new life

One of the black dairy cows is called Susie; she was born on the farm in November 2004. July 2009 she was due to calve her third calf. She had been inseminated to a very well bred bull, Comestar Stormatic. With a 50/50 chance of the calf being female we had everything crossed. Female pure bred calves from the dairy cows are worth £200-£400 and stay to join the herd as replacements later in their lives. Bull calves are worth about £60 and do not have any real worth to the herd. 22nd July I fetched the cows in to be milked from the field, Susie came in with the cows but did not come into the parlour for her feed, sure sign something was happening. Yes she was in labour; I had to take some meat down to some customers in Cornwall so midwifery was left to Andrew. 12noon my mobile phone rings with the news the cow has calved and she has produced a heifer calf, female. Relief, the French student Audeline had taken some photos and the calf had been named "Aude", a new life always exciting whether it is a calf, a litter of pigs, a lamb or a clutch of chicks.


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