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Sue showing Gloucester Old Spot

Success at the County Shows with the Spotted Pigs

 Judith showing Gloucester Old Spot Pig

The decision to enter the County Shows has to be made in September when thinking of entering live pigs, there is little point entering a sow that is about to produce young or very heavily pregnant at the time of the show. Decisions made 2 sows were going to the Devon County and the same 2 to the Royal Cornwall. Also entered at the Devon County were our ever popular pork sausages.


Jude (Sue's Sister)

May 15th arrives, 1 sow is lame and 1 sow not really “fat enough”, they stay home, however sausages are made packed in show trays and duly taken down to WestPoint.

Thursday is showing day for the sows but not us however a sow that we bred did take the fourth prize. Friday is the sausage showing day and the celebrity judge is Tom Parker-Bowles! To our delight the sausages took 1st prize in their class and then went on to be Reserve Champion sausage of the show.

The Royal Cornwall show was on the 5th-8th June and this time both sows were ready to go. Show day for them was the Friday so luckily we have a day to get used to the “public” and finish attempting to get them clean! The weather was good if a little warm for 2 “fat” sows but they looked clean and behaved like “stars” taking the 1st and 2nd prizes in their class, thank-you.

What is surprising (or maybe not) is that the sausages were made from pigs that were born to these sows!

Other news from the farm is that we have “in the garden” a tiny calf called Honey; she was born on the 25th May and abandoned by her mother so she spent the first week in the kitchen and is now making life unbearable for “Trevor” the male turkey. If you would like to see her ask next time you are in buying “prize winning” sausages!!

 Devon County reserve Champion Sausage Devon County reserve Champion Sausage
 Cornwall First Prize Cornwall First Prize
 Jude Sue showing Gloucester Old Spot Jude (Sue's Sister) and Sue showing Gloucester Old Spot