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Maize:- during the winter months the dairy cows are housed in a building with cubicles. These are divisions for the cows to sleep in "individual beds ". They are fed grass that has been preserved by wrapping it in plastic and also maize that has been chopped and pickled.
Maize Quantock Panorama
 The maize has a high startch content which gives the cows enegry to milk. There are disadvantages to growing maize the biggest being the fact that the deer and the badgers also like to feed on it. It is not that we do not like feeding them but they are suspected of transfering tuberculosis to the cows and as we struggle with this problem you have to weigh up the cost to the cows. Bovine tuberculosis is a disease that is very prolific in the area of Over Stowey and although it does not affect those of us that work with the cows, it is a death sentence for the cows that show signs of the disease when they are routinly tested. The other factor to consider is the cost of growing it, maize is an expensive crop to grow and I expect that this will be the last year that it is grown at White Horse farm, this has come about due to the crop being suitable for the energy producing digesters and being grant assisted prices have soared! It will be sad not to have maize growing but as our cows are actually quite good at producing a quality milk from grass I am sure we will cope.