Sadie The New Pony
Hannahs new pony


Since Hannah was able to recognise a pony which was probably eight months she has wanted to ride. At eighteen months she would sit on the arm of the settee with her riding hat on, a stick in her hand and her wellie boots on, oh I forgot a dummy in her mouth, she'll love that and watch the racing on channel four.

Hannah with the new pony

Hannah with the new pony

When she was two a friend asked if we would like an old pony for her. We arrived to see two ponies one little black pony, petite but ugly and a chestnut with a flaxen mane so bushy that you couldn't see most of his head! Hannah squealed with delight and fell in love with the chestnut immediately, Ollie came to live with us, that wasn't a problem the chronic laminitis was!

The biggest problem with dairy cows and fat ponies is the cows want nice lush green grass, for the pony well that is a death sentence. Ollie had been doomed for slaughter because no one could control his laminitis, luckily for him Hannah wanted him and as she was only small gentle walking and staying in for the next two years saved him. People said I was cruel to keep him in but seven years on the pony is still alive and although too small for Hannah is still giving plenty of pleasure to the play group children when they come for their farm visit. I still have the headache of controlling the grass intake but he deserves a chance.

 The new pony has been a long time coming because it has been so hard to find a suitable mount for Hannah, Ollie has always been good with everything tractors, black plastic, other animals and loads of children. Sadie, the new pony, was recommended to me by my sister, friends of hers were replacing an outgrown pony of their daughter's and some photos were exchanged and the pony bought. So far so good Sadie is quiet, not too sure about tractors but tolerant and perfect with everything else, jumping small jumps and riding out alone with Hannah and her friends, thankfully easing one of the pastimes I had to participate in, walking with the pony! In the next couple of weeks we are going to some shows if I can bear to watch I will try to take some photos and keep everyone posted.