Sue and Honey
 Honey arrived late one evening and was abandoned by her mother so we took to hand rearing her.


Honey early steps

On the 24th May 08 one of our home bred heifers calved to the Charolais bull “Kenneth”, she produced a tiny heifer calf, “Honey”. As a “first time mum” the heifer was unsure of her new baby and abandoned her. The decision was made to take the calf into the house and try to rear her on the bottle.     


Honey was extremely cold so we had to wrap her in towels and place her beside our trusty ray burn; she responded to the heat and within 24hrs was warm and trying to suck the bottle teat. It took Honey 36hrs to get to her feet and nearly a week to be steady on her feet.

Honey is now growing quite fast, she will always be small but at least she appears healthy.

Honey spends her days in the garden with “Trevor” the Norfolk Black turkey stag (male) and his hens (females).  The future for Honey is good at the moment but before she gets to big and boisterous she will have to leave the garden and go out with the cows in the field.

 Sue and Honey Honey with Sue
 Honey Honey