Free Range Pigs
Fatso with young in the wood
Free range pigs - The pigs at White Horse farm are sometimes more free range than they should be!
Fatso, a Gloucester Old Spot,had a litter of six piglets who born in our wood they then roamed the farm - true free range pigs. 



Fatso with piglets sunning herself

The Berkshires have been known to visit the neighbouring parish!. On the whole we try to rear our pork pigs outside, this is obviously dependant on the weather and the pig. 90% of the piglets are born outside the other 10% could be born in the hay barn or in the stables on the yard. Sows are kept within the herd unless they are known to be "stressy" then they come in to be monitored.



 Fatso with piglets on expedition around White Horse Farm

Most of the time two sows are due to farrow together which is better for "spreading the load" if one has a small litter and one has a larger litter. Piglets are good at fostering to other sows. Our policy is to leave the piglets with their mother for at least eight weeks, this gives the piglet a good start and helps to keep the sows a little slimmer so making it easier to get them back into pig. Fat sows do not get into pig and therefore will have to be killed!. Litter sizes vary some have produced 2 while her sister produces 11! we allow them 3 farrowings so that averages can be drawn,7 is viable.


Fatso with piglets on expedition around White Horse Farm